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ArionVPS has been a major presence in the Web Hosting market since 2011. All of their staff is in-house. ArionVPS is committed to providing their customers with Semi-Managed Support that is unsurpassed in the industry and that is truly available 24 hours a day, 7 days per week. 99% of the tickets they receive are answered within a 30 minute time period!
Every individual machine has a limitation of no more than 15 VPS per individual node on technology that is RAIDED and the VPS is backed up weekly, allowing all systems to quickly handle any issues pertaining to CPU, memory and IO limitations that occur and that diminish quality when additional VPS are added to nodes.

ArionVPS is one of a number of subsidiaries that are maintained by their IT group, which allows them to cater to a wide range of audiences and to provide their clients with high quality at low prices. Any company that chooses them for their business hosting needs will have the peace of mind of knowing that their IT group has been in operation since 2011 and that we have both a powerful infrastructure and substantial financial backing.


Arionvps VPS plans

Plan NameSpaceCPURAMUplinkOSPriceTrafficLink
Arionvps HDD Xen VPS plans
XenVps0.515 GB10.5 GB1 GbpsLinux7 $/mo1 TBorder now
XenVps125 GB11 GB1 GbpsLinux11.99 $/mo1 TBorder now
XenVps250 GB22 GB1 GbpsLinux23.99 $/mo2 TBorder now
Arionvps SSD KVM VPS plans
SSDVPS220 GB12 GB1 GbpsLinux9.95 $/mo2 TBorder now
SSDVPS430 GB24 GB1 GbpsLinux19.95 $/mo4 TBorder now
SSDVPS850 GB48 GB1 GbpsLinux39.95 $/mo6 TBorder now
Arionvps Windows Xen VPS plans
WinVps125 GB21 GB1 GbpsWindows11.99 $/mo1 TBorder now
WinVps250 GB22 GB1 GbpsWindows23.99 $/mo2 TBorder now
WinVps480 GB24 GB1 GbpsWindows44.99 $/mo4 TBorder now

Arionvps Dedicated servers

Plan NameSpaceCPURAMUplinkPriceTrafficLink
Datacenter: Germany
Server i7-6700SSD 100GBCPU Intel Core™ i7-670016 GB1 Gbps59 $/mo5 TBorder now
Server i7-6700SSD 2 x 512GBCPU Intel Core™ i7-670064 GB1 Gbps94 $/mo10 TBorder now
Server i7-8700SSD 2 x 1TBCPU Intel® Core™ i7-870064 GB1 Gbps139 $/mo20 TBorder now
Datacenter: USA, Los Angeles
Server E5-2680SSD 100GBIntel Xeon E5-268016 GB1 Gbps59 $/mo10 TBorder now
Dual E5-2680SSD 2 x 1TBIntel Xeon 2xE5-2680128 GB1 Gbps229 $/mo30 TBorder now
Dual E5-2680SSD 4 x 1TBIntel Xeon 2xE5-2680128 GB1 Gbps299 $/mo50 TBorder now
Datacenter: Switzerland, Zurich
Server E5-2670SSD 100GBIntel® Xeon E5-267016 GB1 Gbps79 $/mo10 TBorder now
Server 2xX5670HDD 4 X 2TBIntel® Xeon 2xX567064 GB1 Gbps350 $/mo50 TBorder now
Dual E5-2670SSD 4 X 1TBIntel Xeon 2xE5-2670128 GB1 Gbps399 $/mo50 TBorder now

Contact Information

Carbeen Avenue, St Ives, Sydney, Ku-ring-gai Council, Upper North Shore, New South Wales, 2075, Australia


Disk type
Server locations
Germany, Russia, Switzerland, USA
Payment methods
PayPal, Bitcoin, CoinPayments, Webmoney

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