Formed in 2014 and based in Lithuania, Hostika.LT is a web host that provides basic cPanel hosting, as well as VPS, dedicated server hosting, and domain registration. Its website is in English and Lithuanian, and its servers are located in Vilnius, Lithuania.

For all VPS Servers:

  • For all VPS Servers they offer unlimited (unmetered) shared/burstable 100mbps node network line.
  • All their VPS servers is Unmanaged (Self-Managed). This means, that you will get full “root” access to your VPS Server and you can fully manage your VPS by yourself, including custom programs/services installations etc.
  • Every VPS plan comes with 1pcs free external IPv4 address.
  • If you need, then you can order additional IPv4 address for +5.00 EUR/mon. Important! Additional IPv4 address can be assigned only in case of availability and if strong, valid technical reason provided by the customer.
  • CPanel control panel (needs CentOS OS) +29.00 EUR/mon.
  • ISPmanager Lite control panel (needs CentOS 7, Debian 8/9 or Ubuntu 16/18 OS) +6.00 EUR/mon.
  • ISPmanager Business control panel (needs CentOS 7 OS) +16.00 EUR/mon.
  • For all VPS servers we offer VPS management panel, where you can reboot/stop/start your VPS server anytime. Also, VPS management panel allows you to reinstal your VPS Operating System to a new empty OS version by yourself at any given time.
  • They can offer the following Linux OS versions: CentOS, Debian, Ubuntu. Or you can provide own Operating System .iso image and then install your own OS by yourslef (only for KVM VPS).


Hostika KVM VPS plans

Plan NameSpaceCPURAMUplinkOSPriceTrafficLink
VM125 GB13 GB100 MbpsLinux5.5 €/moUnlimorder now
VM250 GB28 GB100 MbpsLinux6.9 €/moUnlimorder now
VM3100 GB416 GB100 MbpsLinux11.9 €/moUnlimorder now
VM4200 GB624 GB100 MbpsLinux19.9 €/moUnlimorder now
VM5250 GB832 GB100 MbpsLinux26.9 €/moUnlimorder now

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